16.10.2013 KINO START in Berlin!
on Thursday, 17.10.2013 Silent Youth starts in 3 cinemas in Berlin.
in Kreuzberg at 19.30 h in the cinema Sputnik
in Friedrichshain at 19.30 h in the cinema Zukunft
and in Schöneberg at 18.00 h in Xenon
The movie then runs daily in these theaters
In each of the cinemas there is a conversation with the director,
on 17. Sputnik (along with the protagonist), 18. in the future and on 19. in xenon.

27.04.2013 The Festival "Iris Prize" will show Silent Youth
between the 9. and 13. October.

25.08.2013 Silent Youth will be shown at the 17. Queer Lisboa in Portugal.

05.08.2013 Silent Youth will be shown at Uruguay, UK and Barcelona

27.04.2013 Silent Youth will be shown at the festival "Pink Apple"
between the 1. and 9. Mai.

20.03.2013 Silent Youth will be shown at the festival "Achtung Berlin"
between the 17. and 24. April.

10.11.2012 Silent Youth will be shown at the festival "Turino Film Festival" in Torino between the 25th and 30 November.

19.10.2012 LINK
Silent Youth has its german premiere at the festival "Hofer Filmtage"
in Hof between the 23th and 28 October.


Silent Youth is a film for misfits, dreamers and lovers. It's the classic story of a coming out, but it focuses on the moments one tends to quickly forget: the first approach, the creaking of the chair while sitting across from each other, not knowing what to say. And it's about the silence.

The film tells of the encounter and slow approximation of two young men in Berlin. Marlo, who claims to be visiting his girlfriend, wonders the streets of Berlin where he meets Kirill. He begins to follow him, which seems to impress Kirill. A strange relationship begins to develop between the two of them. The more Kirill exposes about himself, the more confusing it gets for Marlo. They float next to one another, not knowing what the next step could be. Is there really someone to talk to in this strange world? Someone who is just as confused? And isn't it inevitably for this person to be just as crazy? Silent Youth is a film about feeling locked into yourself, but most of all it is a film about love.


Marlo: Martin Bruchmann
Kirill: Josef Mattes
Franzi: Linda Schuele
Vater: Mathias Neubert


screenwriter: Diemo Kemmesies
casting director: Janin Halisch
director: Diemo Kemmesies
director of photography: Albrecht von Grünhagen
production sound mixer: Adrian Michaelis
production designer: Ardjani Puig
costume designer: Janin Halisch
makeup artist: Claudia Lindner
editor: Diemo Kemmesies
sound designer: Florian Mönks
producer: Hannes Hirsch, Diemo Kemmesies, Albrecht von Grünhagen


17.10.2013 Kino Start - Berlin - Zukunft

17.10.2013 Kino Start - Berlin - Sputnik

17.10.2013 Kino Start - Berlin - Xenon

09-13.10.2013 Iris Prize Festival - Cardiff - UK

20-28.09.2013 17. Queer Lisboa - Lissabon - Protugal

06.09.2013 Portobello Film Festival - London

03-14.08.2013 15. Festival Invierno - Uruguay

11-22.07.2013 Philadelphia QFest

16-25.05.2013 Human Rights Festival Barcelona - Spain

01-09.05.2013 16. Pink Apple Zürich - Switzerland

17-24.04.2013 Achtung Berlin - Germany

25-30.11.2012 Torino Film Fest - Italy

11.11.2012 Pink Screens Festival Brussels - Belgium

30.10.2012 Q! Film Festival 2012 - Jakarta - Indonesia

25-26.10.2012 Hofer Filmtage 2012 - Hof - Germany

20-24.10.2012 Molodist (SunnyBunny) Kiev - Ukraine

19.05.2012 World Premiere at the festival "Cinema Jove" in Valencia


Diemo Kemmesies & Hannes Hirsch GbR
Bürknerstraße 6
12047 Berlin